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The Next War Won’t Be with North Korea, But Among Ourselves in a Divided Culture.

Google’s leaked memo is another spark in the flame that is about to engulf our society.

The memo, written by James Damore, outlined problematic methods that Google uses to ensure diversity among sub-cultures within the company. It criticised the premise and suggested alternative ways in which people who work at the company can benefit – regardless of their race, sex, or gender identity.

Unfortunately, this free-thinking individual was fired for sharing beliefs that did not match Google’s ethos.

This is not the first time we are witnessing the fascistic behaviour from large companies who demonetise and silence views that do not match those of its owners. Recently, Diamond and Silk have claimed that YouTube is trying to bury their right-wing content.

Twitter has deleted handles such as parody Godfrey Elfwick for its use of satirical content highlighting hypocrisy on the left and its politically-correct tendencies.

Where are we going in this society, if any voice that does not land comfortably within the safety net presented by large companies is removed? How much longer will content creators and free-thinkers last until alternatives are presented?

I am not calling for a revolution from the ‘silent majority’, nor am I promoting violence or oppression from either side. As a libertarian, I firmly believe that our rights to free-speech should outweigh the pressures that people put on others to avoid feelings getting hurt.

The indoctrination is best said by Ben Shapiro, whose slogan ‘facts don’t care about your feelings’ strikes the nerves of many. College campuses in America are banning Halloween costumes, creating safe spaces, and protesting the speeches of conservative speakers like Ann Coulter. Riots are Berkley University directly oppose what the campus once stood for: the promotion of free and safe speech.

Donald Trump’s strong rhetoric against Kim Jong-Un and North Korea is in the interest of the United States. The war we face instead is the one we are waging among ourselves, as a continued divide between leftists and conservatives widen. The Google memo was a spectacular example of how companies who promote free-thinking oppress those with whom they disagree. What safe space is being harboured, other than the continued eco-system of the same values and ideas?

The next war won’t be with North Korea, but among ourselves in a divided culture.

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1 Comment

Jul 24, 2021

Has it occurred to you that libertarianism is not a viable ideology? There are no libertarian governments anywhere in the world, are there? If nationalism can be defined as government in the national interest, then it could be argued that it would be in the national interest to have a low regulation and low tax society to encourage enterprise and personal responsibility in a low crime and stable society

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