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The first EMEA Agritech Forum (2021

Full Israeli voter registry leaked (again)(2021)

The Art Of Tech Journalism (2021)

Ten Israeli companies chosen as regional finalists in global tech competition (2021)

Apple Pay (2020)

Cheering from Afar (2020)

Trump, Superheroes, and Populism: How Pop Culture Impacts Our Political World (2019)
The (Dis)Honesty Project: The Truth about Lying (2015)
Greece: Tragedy or Oddessey? (2013)
Christmas In Luton (2012)

Return Of Concerts And Online Dating: How COVID-19 Is Changing Social Norms (2021)

Popular app reveals new criteria for online dating (2021)

Extending the life of COVID-19 vaccines (2021)

Tech giant reveals Israel’s most searched for topics of 2020 (2020)

Train the Brain (2020)

Man With A Microphone(2015)

Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer (2016)
Zipwiring in South Africa (2014)
Pupil Voice (2010)
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