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Journalist and Freelance Writer 
About Me

About Me

Over my career, I have coordinated successful media campaigns for clients and Fortune 500 companies that were subsequently published by mainstream and trade news sources - such as Yahoo, Bloomberg, Marketwatch, and Reuters. My contributions to documentaries and independent cinema have been fully credited on Netflix. 

Today, I spend my professional life working on focusing my communication skills toward media liaising and the storytelling of real people and professional companies. I have worked with a select group of startups and help maintain their online presence through news distribution and media training.


Work Experience


2020 - Present

Journalist and Editor - CTech by Calcalist

I work with a dedicated team of journalists and experts as we explore the political, cultural, and social impacts of technology around us.

2014 - Present

Freelance Writer - Remote

I regularly contribute to news sources and media publications that focus on film, lifestyle and current events.

2018 - 2019

Editorial Director - Editor Choice

Editor Choice was a news and entertainment website dedicated to offering compelling content.


With 12.7 million monthly users, I was directly responsible for building and maintaining the editorial standard that was established and upheld by myself and freelance contributors.

2017 - 2018

Account Coordinator - Headline Media

Work with a team of professionals to represent Israeli companies on the global stage.


In regular communication with journalists from English and American written and broadcast media. 

2016 - 2017

Content Manager - Apposta

I worked alongside a team of professionals to create and market inspiring content for a tech startup.

Directly managed marketing campaigns across the UK, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, and Scandinavia - helping bridge the communication gap between companies and the public. 

2015 - 2016

Head Writer/Editor - IC Media Direct

Improve clients' and companies' SEO on Google searches, improving social media engagement, and positive publicity. 

Craft and build media messages to the public to convey a better message.​


Film Journalist and Social Media Operator - The Vladar Company
Joined the team at the early stages of HorrorFilmCentral's creation and attained a significant rise in content and internet traffic by contributing regularly to the film news and entertainment website.

Acted as Production Coordinator on 'Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer', managed the problems of in-house production within the production team of the organisation. Fully credited on Netflix.




School of Visual Arts

Social Documentary Film, MFA - 3.53 GPA

Specialised skills: Cinematography, Editing, Producing, Film Theory, Visual Journalism


University of Bedfordshire

Broadcast Journalism, BA - First Class

Specialised skills: Journalism, PR, Broadcasting, Radio, TV News, Law, Ethics, Public Administration

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