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Why Post? The Importance of Online Blogging

In 2016, it is proving more difficult to get our voices heard. With a plethora of online services that help publicise our work and achievements, our message can very easily get lost among the billions of other people that use their smartphones to update every aspect of their life.

I believe that blogging provides a strong tool for users who wish to share or comment on content that applies to their work life. It is a feature that is scarcely under-used. 'Why do people care what I have to say?', some people often think. We seem to be divided between those who share every aspect of their day-to-day activity, versus those who don't. I admit to the latter, in that I very rarely tweet, and my Facebook updates are limited to those who chose to tag me in posts (I still monitor these before they are made public, to ensure privacy and discretion). I have nothing to hide, however, and so recently I have made the decision to become actively more involved in sharing my thoughts and ideas among the professional world. Consider it my New Year's Resolution.

Therefore, I pledge to share and comment on articles that I believe to be the most important stories in our world today. I would like to start by sharing this piece I read on Netflix's popular 'Making a Murderer'.

I often find myself interested in articles that explore editorial choices made by people when building a coherent story in documentaries. Here, filmmakers Laura Ricciardi, Moira Demos and Lisa Nishimura are being accused of hiding important aspects of Steven Avery's case. On a personal note, it reminds me of the decisions I faced when making my first film, Man With A Microphone.

I hope that in the future, this will become a place where we can politely and intelligently discuss the issues that are important in today's world. I'm sure that with the presidential election, Iran sanctions, and Oscar bias, we won't have to look too hard.

I look forward to hearing from you in the discussion.

James Spiro

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